I always liked sketching at school but didn't take up art untill 2003 I first discovered watercolours during a holiday in Portugal where I met Gabriella, a lovely gentle lady who is an artist and in fact owned the villa where I was staying..
She encouraged me to attempt a few paintings while there of the beautiful purple Bourgenvillia and the flowers and fruit that surrounded this picturesque mountain retreat.
I was soon hooked by the beauty of watercolour which I believe is the most difficult of the painting mediums.
Since then I have studied art at Sunderland College, taken part in many exhibitions around the country and  have sold many many paintings of various compositions in a variety of mediums.
I love painting and sketching oudoors on site and now specialise in watercolours painting 'Everyday folk in Everyday situations. My trademark black dog Charlie and black cat Coleman usually play a starring role in my work.

About Me